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What’s the difference between WordPress, templates or custom-built websites?

Three common types of websites are: WordPress, templates and custom-built.

Our own website is an example of a WordPress site. Although you can host your WordPress site at their server ( www.wordpress.com ), for business purposes you will be better off hosting on your own server. This enables us to take advantage of all the customizations available in the WordPress themes. And, you can then make the best use of your own domain name.

Jentek Enviro is a site that was created using a basic template to start with, which was then customized to the needs of our client. There are thousands of website templates available. Using a template can cut down on design time while providing a great looking site with superb functionality.

And, for an example of a custom-built site, see www.koala-t.ca  A custom-designed site will normally take a little longer to create, but may be the right thing for you if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for.

Any of these can be used for various functions: small business, e-commerce, blog, creative portfolio, community, social media, mobile, e-mail.


How long does it take to build my website?

This depends on the complexity of your site and developer availability. While there is no standard answer, usually four to six weeks is considered normal. In some cases where there is an urgent need to get a site up and working as soon as possible, that timeline can be shortened. And, if a site requires some unusual complexities, it may take longer. We’ll discuss the timeframe at the initial stages of planning your site.


What do I need to set up a new website?

  • For most small businesses, your own domain name is important. If you can, get a domain name that matches your business, or is very close to it. If the name is already taken, you may be able to register a variant of it instead, I.E. if mybusiness.com is not available, mybusiness.biz might be.
  • You will need to register your domain name and secure hosting service for your new website. You can easily do this yourself on our website or we can set this up for you.
  • Content is key: you will require a website that accurately describes your company and it’s goods and/or services, and that meets the needs of the people who will be visiting your site.
  • Consult Tech can help you with this process from beginning to end.


Web design cost considerations

There are a lot of variables to consider when trying to price out a web design for your new site. Here are a few:

  • Is this a brand new design or a re-design?
  • Will you want a custom-built site, or are you planning to use a WordPress theme or a general site template?
  • What about graphics – do you already have graphics on hand or do you need the site designer to create or source them for you?
  • Content: can you create your own website content or do you need the designer to help you with that?
  • What special features are you considering: social media, feedback forms, membership management, e-commerce, blogs, multimedia, newsletters, photo galleries, PayPal, site traffic measurements?
  • Are there special considerations for mobile users?
  • What about ongoing site maintenance agreements?

All of these things will have an impact on the final cost of your site. Part of our objective at Consult Tech is to help you navigate through these choices while keeping your design costs as reasonable as possible.

Email Basics

If you decide to host your website through Consult Tech, we will arrange to create your initial email addresses as required. Your emails can be set to forward or to auto-reply if needed. You may create up to 500 email addresses.

When you are not using your normal email client (like Outlook), you can access your emails though a web interface if you like. You can also set up your existing email accounts on your mobile devices.

Whenever you need additional email addresses, just send us a support request and we will create them for you. If you have a monthly service agreement, we will not charge for this service. Please note that passwords for new email accounts must be 8 – 128 characters long, must contain one numeric and one symbolic character, must contain at least one lower case and one upper case character and cannot start with ‘123’, ‘abc’, or ‘pass’. Example:  Yc-vj4dfw! is a valid password.

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Domain Name Info:

We’re all familiar with typing in a website address in our internet browsers. That’s how you probably came to our website (unless you clicked on a link to us from another page.)

The domain name is usually the part after the http://www. that you type in to reach a website. So, for us, that’s ‘consulttech.ca‘. Note that some sites have sub-domains, which appear in front of the domain name like this: http://mail.consulttech.ca. You normally don’t need to worry about this, as your designer will take care of this for you if it is required on your site. Your domain name is also used in any email accounts tied to it, as in ‘support@consulttech.ca‘.

The last part of your domain name is called the TLD, or top level domain. For Canada,  that’s .ca. For many domains, it’s .com. See this list for a more complete listing of all TLDs.

When someone wants to access your website, that request is sent out to a DNS or Domain Name Server. That server will search through the internet’s domain name database, and return the IP address to them. The IP address represents the actual location of the server and allows the user to access the information they are looking for.

How do I check if a domain name is available?

Use our Domain Name Service